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Unveiling of Kunio Maruyama Statue

  • 07 Nov 2020
  • Nagano, Japan
Dear Friends:

This is Paul Maruyama in Colorado Springs, Colorado, praying that  everyone is staying safe in these strange times as the Coronavirus dramatically disrupts our lives in every way possible!

I am sending this message (in English and in Japanese) to all my friends whom I may have informed regarding the planned unveiling of the statue of my father (1903-1981) in Iiyama City, Nagano, Japan, on June 13 of this year. The City of Iiyama (my father's birthplace) in Nagano (which sent, and lost,  more pioneers in Manchuria during World War II than any other prefecture in Japan)  is recognizing and honoring the actions of three Japanese men (led by my Dad) who escaped from Soviet-occupied Manchuria to bring about the rescue and repatriation of over 1.7 million Japanese civilians trapped under Soviet occupation in Manchuria, thanks to the efforts of U.S. Occupation Forces under the command of General MacArthur.  Today, I received a message that the planned June 13 unveiling is officially postponed and that it will take place later this year on November 7 (Saturday) and the statue will be place in front of Iiyama Station. The statue has been completed for some time (see attached photo).

My wife LaRae and I, along with my siblings and their children, our grandchildren, and many friends, had made plans to attend the unveiling ceremony which was to have been in June. I know that several of you also indicated you may attend, and if so,  I wanted to let you know without delay that the unveiling ceremony has been postponed to November 7. If that date is still convenient for you and you can attend the unveiling as planned, I and all my siblings will be most honored by you attendance!!

The statue has just been completed and I am attaching a photo of it just received from Nagano.  

In case this message to you arrives as a surprise, please accept it as simply informational.   But I wanted to make sure that anyone who might have been making plans to attend the unveiling, or who may have been wondering about the status of the unveiling ceremony, is made aware of the postponement.  

If I can answer any questions on the above subject, please feel free to contact me.  I just want to make sure that, if you have made flight to or hotel reservations in Nagano for June, you are made aware of the postponement.  Please stay safe in these unusual times!!

We pray for your good health and safety!

Paul K. Maruyama

13060 Penfold Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80921







Paul K. Maruyama

13060 Penfold Drive

Colorado Springs, CO 80921, USA

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